No Surgery Needed to Treat Neck Pain

If you suffer from any of the following conditions and have been told surgery is your only option, call us to find out how you can avoid surgery and be pain free!
Severe Disc Problems
Spinal Stenosis
Spinal Instability
Loss of control of your bowel or bladder
Spinal Fracture
Muscle Strain or Tension
Cervical Spine Injury

No Surgery Needed to Treat Knee Pain

If you suffer from any of the following conditions and have been told surgery is your only option, call us to find out how you can avoid surgery and be pain free!
ACL Injuries
Chronic Pain
Knee Fractures
Meniscal Tears
Tendon Tears
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Post-Traumatic Arthritis

Can You Restore Life Back from Painful Joints?

Envision a one-time treatment that has the potential of creating new cells that could provide the healing properties of:
Bone cells responsible for forming new healthy bone (osteoblasts).
The cells responsible for maintaining and producing new shock absorbing cartilage (chondrocytes).
The cells responsible for remodeling, and REPAIR of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones
(fibroblasts). This may take years of wear and tear off your joint.
The cells critical for creating the strength and make up of ligaments and tendons (fibroblasts and connective
tissue). This can give you the strength you are missing and so desperately need to support the aging joint.
Muscle cells that form muscles (myocytes).

Has THE Future of Medicine Arrived?

Far too often we meet patients who suffer from joint pain and are frustrated. They feel lost and out of options. Some have even been told there is nothing that can be done to help them outside of surgery or joint replacement. Others have to “live with it” because they are not a surgical candidate, or do not want surgery.

For year’s doctors, researchers and patients alike have been searching for the magic pill, the “silver bullet” approach, to significantly improve joint pain without surgery.
Advances in medicine have patients living longer, BUT have they made a change for those suffering with chronic, nagging, painful, and aging joints? There seems to be a pill for most conditions. A pill that can temporarily help us, or cover up the hard life we have lived, but it is very difficult to cover up severe pain. And that is where the problem lies. As you age your joints slowly lose their ability to heal and repair themselves leading to chronic problems and PAIN.

Imagine if you could reverse the years of wear and tear that you put on your joints. Imagine if you could turn the tables on old father time. Well now it looks like father time is shaking in his boots. New advances in treatment for chronic joint pain patients certainly appear to be here. Regenerative medicine is now a reality.


The Future in Healthcare for Joint Pain Sufferers Appears to have Arrived Early

Living with chronic, nagging, aging, painful knees or shoulders is tough, real tough. Few people understand how many aspects of your life it effects.

Routine activities such as walking, sleeping, getting up from a chair, stairs, lifting or carrying things, doing dishes, tying your shoes and putting on clothes are a chore. The desire of going for a jog, riding a bike, taking a long walk on the beach, playing tennis or golf, dancing or traveling is only a fleeting memory. People don’t understand the inconvenience and discomfort you feel, but YOU sure do.

Current treatments such as pain medication and anti-inflammatories only target the brain to “block” the feeling of pain. They do nothing to heal damaged joints, ligaments and cartilage. Surgeries are aggressive, painful, and can take months out of your life with no guarantee of relief, and often need to be redone. Our program sidesteps the traditional approach to joint pain treatment and harnesses the healing power of your body. The one you had when you were younger.

REALITY STARTS TODAY. The SILVER BULLET for some has arrived. This Regenerative Medicine Approach done in office can harness your own inborn healing properties, reducing your pain and helping get the LIFE back in your joints. We have four goals in mind, short term and long term pain relief, immediate improvement in your activity level, and prevention of surgery.